"Because of where the vehicle was found we are understandably very anxious and fearful for the safety of Tom and the children," the family said in a prior statement  that was shared by Waikato police on Sept. 14. "It is possible that they were all swept off the beach as the sea was particularly wild over the weekend." RELATED: Woman Missing for Months Found Alive at Utah Campground After Relying on Grass, Moss to Survive The family see this website also reported that they last saw Phillips and his three kids at a family farm the day they left for their trip, Waikato police added in their statement. They indicated that there was no noticeable change in Phillips' behavior at the time. For about two weeks, police, family, friends, and volunteers then searched for the family, The Washington Post reported. Local police said they used various search methods, including ground and coastline-based searches. "It had seemed pretty obvious that they had gone into the sea," Rozzi Pethybridge, Phillips' sister, previously said to The New Zealand Herald . "Hope dwindled and we sort of became more and more resigned, and sad, just deeply sad." Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. Those in search of the family of four did their best to remain positive, however, and held onto hope that the father and his kids would be found safe and alive.


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"I have had the opportunity to represent the USA at several other international events but racing at the Pan Am Games is a unique opportunity that only comes around every few years. I plan to go for gold in both the individual and team event  and show the world the USA means business." The opportunity for the Sun Devil to compete abroad is highly selective as only four triathletes -- two female and male -- will represent Team USA at the Pan Americans. The group is coached by Parker Spencer and Tim Bosn. "We're incredibly proud of Liberty being selected by USA triathlon to represent the US at the Junior Pan American games. Liberty is such a hard-working athlete, she's very humble and very dedicated," head coach said. "She truly loves the sport and loves training and racing.


Now, news publishers have the ability to prevent advertisers from linking to stories without the publisher’s permission. Publishers can also prevent headlines from being altered to misrepresent the contents. On Google, state and federal campaigns that wish to advertise on the search engine (and on YouTube, which is owned by Google), have to go through a verification process and include an additional disclosure that shows who paid for the advertisement. According to Google, the ads purchased by the McAuliffe campaign passed the verification process and contain the required political disclosures, which clearly identify that the ads are paid for by the campaign. “Advertisers who wish to run election ads on our platform are required to go through a verification process and provide in-ad disclosures that clearly display who paid for the ad. These ads also appear in our transparency report, which is available to the public,” a Google spokesperson said in a written statement. Tompkins at Poynter said the disclosure included might not be enough in situations where the advertiser is not the owner or creator of the link being advertised. According to Google, hate speech, extremist content and false claims that could undermine participation or trust in an electoral or democratic process are prohibited in advertisements. But, promoting a news story using political speech, which commonly uses hyperbole, is not prohibited. “We recognize that robust political dialogue is an important part of democracy, and no one can sensibly adjudicate every political claim, counterclaim, and insinuation,” Google wrote in a 2019 blog post .


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Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said on Sunday Saakashvili would serve his full term of six years in prison. The country of around 3.9 million has faced a political standoff since a disputed election last year, which prompted the main opposition party to boycott the parliament. read more A mission of observers from the OSCE said in a statement Saturday's local election had been "marred by wide-spread and consistent allegations of intimidation, vote-buying, pressure on candidates and voters, and an unlevel playing field," although candidates were able to campaign freely. The outcome is likely to buoy the ruling party, whichhad agreed at one point to hold a new parliamentary election if its vote share in the local poll was below 43%.Political analysts had said a failure to exceed that threshold could have inspired opposition demonstrations. "It is very important that today one more step towards democracy and stabilisation was made," President Salome Zourabichvili was quoted as saying by Russia's TASS news agency, describing the election as calm, safe and fair. Saakashvili's return created fresh drama. The authorities said they had warned him he would be arrested if he returned. In a statement released after his arrest, he blamed his detention on court decisions manufactured by his old foe, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Georgia's domestic politics have been dominated for decades by accusations of Russian meddling, and Saakashvili was president in 2008 when Russia launched a military intervention. The Kremlin said on Friday questions about Saakashvili's arrest were outside its competence. Saakashvili holds a passport issued by Ukraine, where he served as a regional governor from 2015-2016.


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