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Researchers announced their discovery in February 2016, and scientists behind the observations and theoretical work won the 2017 physics prize. For COVID-19 vaccines, “I’m not surprised it didn’t happen this year. I have no doubt it will be awarded really shortly,” Fortunato says. When it comes to COVID-19, Brian Uzzi, a computational scientist at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, who studies scientific prizes, expects the Nobel committees to look more broadly than the development of vaccines. “Nobel prizes are more likely to go to scientists who teach people how to fish, rather than give them a fish,” he says. “They like to give prizes to people who do fundamental research that can go on and solve lots of different problems, not just one problem.” The committee could be waiting to gauge the impacts of mRNA vaccine technology on other infections — such as those caused by other coronaviruses, Uzzi speculates. Climate modellers and theorist of complex systems share physics Nobel COVID-19 vaccines have already started hoovering up major scientific prizes: last month, one of the US$3-million Breakthrough prizes went to two scientists who developed modifications that silenced unwanted immune responses and were key to the Moderna and Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines. The same researchers also won one of the Lasker Foundation’s annual awards (considered by some to be predictors of Nobel prizes).

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Khloe Kardashian, seen in 2019, has tried to have an COVID-19: Investigation launched into claims people are testing negative on PCRs after positive lateral flows The UK Health Security Agency confirmed to Sky News it was "aware of the issues" - but said the public should continue to follow official guidance if they have coronavirus symptoms, including still using the tests and self-isolating when necessary. Image: Reports of lateral flow devices showing a different result to PCR tests has prompted the investigation An investigation has been launched into the growing numbers of people who report they are testing positive for COVID on multiple lateral flow tests - but then negative on PCR tests. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) confirmed to Sky News it was "aware of the issues" and that an "investigation was ongoing" into the claims. A spokesperson for the government's public health body said people should continue to follow official guidance if they have COVID-19 symptoms, including using lateral flow and PCR tests and to self-isolate when necessary. It comes after scientists had called for an urgent investigation following numerous reports from members of the public about the different results being presented by the tests. Some lateral flow tests - which are set to replace PCRs as the required standard for returning travellers from later this month - had reportedly been showing a negative result despite people having "classic" symptoms. The UKHSA was unable to reveal how many reports it had received about the tests and for which parts of the country they related to - but hoped it would soon be in a position to provide an update. Last week, large numbers of people in parts of southwest England reported they were having issues with the tests, amid concerns it might represent the detection of a new variant. However, it has since been claimed by one of the government's top COVID-19 experts that the dominant Delta variant has made others "extinct" . Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 'We want to change travel tests by half-term' Denis Kinane, an immunologist click here. and founding scientist at Cignpost Diagnostics, which runs ExpressTest, said: "We have known that the lateral flow devices have weaknesses in terms of false positives and false negatives since we began COVID testing. "Lateral flow has a hair trigger, so as a result it has consistently shown many false positives.

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