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South African tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu also welcomed the British decision, which comes in time for the start of the country’s peak tourism season near the end of the year. “We look forward to welcoming our British visitors in time for the South African summer season and we will continue to work tirelessly with all our national and international partners to ensure the success of South Africa’s tourism recovery,” Sisulu said in a statement. South Africa’s important tourism industry has been decimated by the pandemic and the damage was prolonged by the U.K. keeping it on the red list, stakeholders said. South Africa is Africa’s worst-affected country by the virus, with more than 2.9 million cases and 88,000 deaths reported. It is also the country where the beta variant was first detected. It has vaccinated 16% of its population of 60 million people, according to Johns Hopkins University, and started issuing digital vaccine certificates which may be used by travelers on Friday.


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Suspect arrested for yeshiva fire A security guard at the school was able to put out the blaze with an extinguisher shortly after. The NYPD confirmed the charges to Newsweek on Sunday and said that Jones was arrested in the morning and charged at Brooklyn's 70th Precinct. Newsweek contacted the Brooklyn District Attorney's office for comments and further information about Jones but didn't receive a response in time for publication. UPDATE: HCTF Detectives, assisted by Manhattan/Queens Warrants, apprehended this individual. — NYPD Hate Crimes (@NYPDHateCrimes) October 17, 2021 The incident took place on Thursday night when police officers received reports of criminal mischief (arson), an NYPD spokesperson told Newsweek on Friday. According to the spokesperson, when the police arrived on the scene, they "determined that an unidentified female poured gasoline in front like it of the Yeshiva and lit it on fire." The police also said that Jones fled the scene after she set the gasoline on fire. She left the scene on foot and went into an "unknown direction." The NYPD on Friday described Jones as a 5' 4" woman with dark hair and said that she was last seen "wearing all dark-colored clothing, black shoes and carrying a red gasoline canister." 'Cop of the Month' NYPD Officer Busted in Prostitution Sting Operation The Yeshivah of Flatbush's Rabbi Joseph Beyda said that the incident is a moment that students could learn from, WABC reported . "I think you're, you're right to say it's a teachable moment for all of us, and of what kind of city we want to have, and what it takes to educate, so, yeah," he said. The footage of Jones posted online on Friday outraged officials such as New York Gov.


Former President Donald Trump smiles while standing behind Chuck Grassley at a rally. Geoff Duncan and state Attorney General Chris Carr — all Republicans who rebuffed Trump’s calls to overturn the election results. Duncan, who has been critical of Trump, decided against running for another term and instead wrote a book about click the future of the party . Kemp and Carr are seeking reelection next year along with Raffensperger, but have largely ignored the president’s attacks. Raffensperger has taken a different tack. After Trump used his rally to mock-endorse Democrat Stacey Abrams — who is expected to mount her second campaign for Georgia governor after refusing to formally concede her last race for the office three years ago — Raffensperger wrote a USA Today op-ed comparing Trump to Abrams. Next month he’ll publish a book called “ Integrity Counts ,” billed by Simon & Schuster as Raffensperger’s “inspiring story of commitment to the integrity of American democracy.” “We’re out there setting the record straight. No. 1 is that President Trump did not carry the state of Georgia,” Raffensperger told POLITICO, pointing to multiple recounts, reviews and investigations that confirmed the accuracy of the Georgia results. Seth Bringman, a spokesperson for Abrams, swiped at Raffensperger for comparing her 2018 loss to Trump’s, saying that “Abrams succeeded in court to count more Georgians’ votes, with reputable attorneys presenting coherent arguments, and the courts agreed and counted those votes. It surprises us that Raffensperger equates counting eligible votes based on fact with throwing out the will of the people based on the Big Lie.” Raffensperger’s op-ed, Bringman said, amounts to “attacking Stacey and pushing election subversion in a sad attempt to win the votes of the insurrectionist wing in his upcoming primary.” Raffensperger’s frontal assault on Trump is widely viewed as a doomed strategy in a state where Trump dominates the GOP and majorities of Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen — a January poll showed only 45 percent of Republicans supported the secretary of state.


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