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Those are foundational, educational topics that last throughout the life of a person. They set the stage for how you're going to learn.” So they did their research and fell in love with the Child and Family Development Center, or check this CFDC, at the University of Utah. It’s a program that primarily serves university faculty and staff, and Norlen works in IT at the U. “We planned our pregnancies around CFDC enrollment,” he said. After nearly three years on the waitlist, Norlen said they were “elated” to get their oldest child in the program. But in early August, just a few months after their daughter joined the center, Norlen and around 30 other University of Utah employees learned it would be ending , and a different on-campus program would take over. “We were just shocked,” he said. “The next thought [was], ‘Oh God, what am I going to do?’ We’re just getting stable, and then this massive change.


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More than three million eligible Kiwis are now fully vaccinated and more than 6.6m doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been given since the roll-out began in February. The basics: How vaccinated is New Zealand? As at midnight on Tuesday, around 3.66m Kiwis have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. That’s 72 per cent of the full population of Kiwis or 84 per cent of those aged 12 or over – under-12s can’t currently get the vaccine. Just under 3.02m Kiwis have had both doses, making them fully protected. That’s 59 per cent of the full population or 70 per cent of those aged 12 and up. You may notice our percentages differ a little from those used by the Ministry of Health. That’s because we rely on a Statistics NZ projection of the relevant populations, while the Ministry of Health use their own dataset. The post-code lottery: Auckland and Wellington well-ahead The Government have opted for a vaccine target that every district health board (DHB) has to reach separately, rather than an overall number for the whole country.


14. Notification of test result: providers must issue the result of tests in a set notification which tells the person arriving from abroad whether they are required to quarantine Form A: negative lateral flow test result Your coronavirus (COVID-19) test result is negative. You did not have the virus when the test was done. You should self-isolate again if you get symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) – get an NHS coronavirus (COVID-19) test from www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test and self-isolate until you get the results. For advice on when you might need to self-isolate and what to do, go to www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19 and read ‘Self-isolation and treating symptoms’. Form B – positive lateral flow test result Your coronavirus test result is positive. This means that you probably have the virus.


Panelists cited FASB's new lease accounting standard as an example of an opportunity for financial statement preparers to use technology. Automated applications have been built to "read" lease contracts and capture data to be used in financial accounting systems for reporting of lease assets and liabilities. Meanwhile, auditors are using technology to analyze entire sets of data rather than relying on sampling in their testing. "It's a little bit like when the tide goes out, you see everything on the ocean floor," Bricker said. "You can see everything on the ocean floor, perhaps, by sampling. And that's a relevant technique. But if you can take all the water out or identify all the transactions in your system, you can not only better identify risk … but you can also better understand the contours. What's the nature of the activity? What should we focus on?


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