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Georgia Football fans are clamoring for an answer to one question and one question only.  What in the heck is happening with all these injuries? Social media has been up in arms following yet another season-ending injury to defensive back Tykee Smith this week and they are starting to wonder.  Is learn more here it the strength and conditioning program? Is there something wrong with the way Georgia practices? We've even been asked if the practice facility is to blame.  And there's a resounding answer to all of those possibilities. No.  Take a look at the injury report, see if you notice anything, or better yet don't notice something.  RB, content Kenny McIntosh (Hamstring) - Questionable OT, Jamaree Salyer (Ankle) - Questionable WR, Dominick Blaylock (Hamstring) - Questionable S, Christopher Smith (Shoulder) - Questionable Two knee injuries, two hamstring injuries, two ankles, two shoulders, a shin, a groin, a lat, and a quad.  There's no rash of one specific injury. You see a litany of soft tissue injuries like hamstrings and lats, ACL tears, and the occasional bone injury like a shoulder separation or a shin bruise.  There's no one isolated issue, so that pretty much removes any thoughts of your strength and conditioning program being at fault for some reason.  As for whether or not Georgia "practices too hard" well, that's a bit preposterous considering all college football teams practice hard. All football teams play football during the week to prepare themselves to play football on Saturday.  THAT is the explanation you're looking for. It's just football. And in the game of football, there are times when you're on the lucky end of injuries and there are times when you are the crown jewel of the sport and you escape the crux of the IR.  Take the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A year ago, on their way to a championship, they were the healthiest team in the sport. Flash forward to today, they are five games into the season and they have 12 players on a roster of 53 that are on the injury report.

Motorcycle crash slows down Rockford intersection ROCKFORD (WREX) — Rockford Police say a car and motorcycle crash will slow down traffic near the intersection of North Second Street and Spring Creek Road. Rockford Police tweeted about the crash just after 6:00 p.m. on Sunday saying the crash had non-life-threatening injuries. RPD says drivers should try to avoid the area as they clean up the scene. Have a news tip or story idea? Email us at

Now that the report is public, officials plan on a more aggressive outreach to industry and universities. Officials said many private sector business leaders fail to appreciate that the outreach they get from Chinese and Russian entities for everything from joint ventures and partnerships to mergers and acquisitions is part of a national strategy by those governments to acquire those technologies and replace the American firms that are producing them. Intelligence agencies fear that U.S. firms will not only lose their edge, but will be entirely pushed out of the technology sectors crucial to the 21st century. "Its not just the loss of intellectual property, but the loss of a complete business model" said Edward You, NCSC's national counterintelligence officer for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies. He said vulnerability is particularly acute in health technology. "Because of our short sightedness, we may wake up one day and discover that we have become health care crack addicts and China has become our pusher." Their goal is to explain to companies and universities that they are on the receiving end of a sophisticated, and often devious, effort by foreign governments to make off with valuable technology — and that some transactions that appear to be simple business deals are more dangerous to the country. "People are having trouble understanding the bigger picture here and the ways that legal and illegal come together," Orlando said. Any particular deal could be attractive on the individual merits, but American business leaders should recognize that these offers aren't coming on the merits. "It wasn't just because it was a good investment," he said.

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